Friday, May 1, 2009

Am I a crappy hunter?

So last nights raid was a no-go. Had a minor emergency here at work and made it home late, so missed raid invites. Maybe I will make it tomorrow. So instead of doing anything fun I spent the whole night in front of the target dummy's.

What I found:

1.) BM Nerf is still alive and well. Playing with shot rotations, macroing steady/arcane while manually activating Kill Command/stings/aimed wasnt working for me. I tried just manually doing shots and DPS never went up. Heck I even tried my pre 3.0.8 steady spam macro for grins and my DPS was below what I thought it should be.

2.) Survival is a much better PvE spec for pure DPS. Even with a cobled together "I like this talent" build I out DPS'ed my BM build by 400-500 DPS.

3.) I suck at Survival Huntery. I miss my Big Bad Devilsaur, that is unstoppable. I miss my pet doing 50% of my DPS.

4.) I really need to level a DPS pet to 80 for my Survival build, as all my DPS pets before were "Exotics" and no longer usable to me.

5.) Survival is so strong now that I out DPS'ed my BM spec using a level 80 Tenacity pet. I even out DPS'd my BM spec using a level 77 cat I picked up from Zul'Drak.

Now what is really depressing me is this:

Am I just that bad a hunter that I can't grasp the post 3.08 hunter changes, and I'm swapping to "The Flavor of the Week" build? Or is the BM nerf that bad?

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  1. I am a little saddened that it is more effective to level BM, where you can get attached to your pets, and then you need to switch to surv at 80 just so you can have raid viability.

    My hunter is only 74 and I switched to surv just to get a feel for playstyle and it has made leveling a nightmare. My turtle can't hold aggro for squat and I am afraid I will need to go back to BM for the trek to 80.