Thursday, May 7, 2009

Worst. Tank. Ever.

So last night I ran DTK as DPS. Now remember I an not some sort of Uber Leet Deeps. I was rolling about 1850 DPS, which I thought was pretty good considering the group did not provide much buff wise.

The down side is I think I could have done better, but I was unable to use any shock other than Wind Shock. Every 6 seconds I had to Wind Shock, because my screen was flashing red, and big scary bosses were running at me. As it was I died most every boss fight because I could not keep the bosses off me.

I thought at first maybe I was just on a REALLY lucky crit streak. then I saw my numbers and nope. Crit was pretty normal. Then I figured I must drastically out gear the tank. Nope he was actually in better gear then me. My gear is mostly 10 man naxx and heroics, he was mostly 25's.

The only thing I can figure is that he had collected a complete set of off spec tanking gear while Retting up Naxx.

I guess dual specs just gave some people the chance to "learn" a new role, at my repair expense.

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  1. And you, my friend, have just hit on the great tragedy of dual specs.

    You now have healers and tanks who took those roles as a secondary spec who have no business doing either. A bad DPS can hide and be carried in a 5 man, but if the healer or tank suck, you are looking at a long run.

    I wish people were more honest about their specs and experience. When I pug a group on my druid, I am sure to tell them that I am a resto druid who can dps, but am still working on my balance set with a little more hit on it. The dps/healer they may have usually steps up and says they usually dps and are healing as a second spec, so we switched roles.

    Never underestimate the power of open communication in a PuG, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised if everyone is open and honest about what they are best at.