Sunday, May 3, 2009

Childrens Week.

So last night after work I logged in to do some childrens week action.

Now after reading all the QQ about how difficult the PvP portion would be I was afraid it would take me forever to get it done. All done it took about two hours. The achievement was not difficult at all. But I will make the same observations everyone else has made.

1.) Arathi Basin is probably the easiest and most fun. Since the requirement actually encourages play in the style of the battleground. This weekend may have been the most fun I have ever had in Arathi. A few of the battles we 5 capped, lost all 5. The alliance 5 capped then lost. Quite a lot of fun, tons of teamwork and guess what? PEOPLE DEFENDED THE FLAG! It was so weird to see someone cap a flag then stay there to defend.

2.) Warsong Gulch my most hated battleground ever. This might be because my first few entries into BG's when I started WoW were here. I was a lowley twenty-something and I encountered twinks honor-farming, and I was the crop. Ever since then it has left a bad taste in my mouth. So for the achievement, I went in with a heavy heart. It took a number of battles before I found a group willing to play the game. Finally at a point when I was on defence, a rogue stealthed in, grabbed the flag and droped it at my feet. So I followed him back to the alliance flag room grabbed their flag dropped it, then frantically healed myself while a hunter tried to kill me. All the other allies in the flag room started yelling what I canonly assume is "stop killing him! he is helping with the achevement!" Then I picked up the flag and dropped it for the next 10 minutes. In all this madness I somehow managed these achievements.

3.) Alterec Valley. This was pretty straight forward. Everyone rush to the throne room, but with the twist of people stopping to cap the towers on the way. There was a bit of douche-baggery on my part. Someone made it to the tower before me, started the cap and the guards killed him. I let them. Then capped it after he died. Earth shield FTW.

4.) Eye of the storm. This consisted of me healing team mates at the center flag until I was able to grab a flag. Then Earth Shield and run to neerest tower. After I got my cap, it wasa peice of cake to cap towers all arount the zone, since alliance were all at the flag waiting to grab it. I think they forgot they had to control a tower to return it. Yeah for cooperation on horde side and every man for himself on alliance.

All in all I think Blizzard screwed the pooch on this part of the achievement. Not because it is too difficult, but because it broke battlegrounds for a week for people who actually want to compete. Me, I avoid PvP except for Wintergrasp, and the odd BG when I am waiting for something else to happen.

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