Saturday, May 23, 2009

My fost favorite thing in the world...

Next to my wife and "The Boy" is The Cure. I have been a huge fan since I was in 7th grade when I first heard the album "The head on the door". That first listen opened a door that lead me to a world beyond "Top 40" music. This is when I learned record companies do not have my best interests at heart and there might be a world of music that they would never promote due to its lack of commercial viability.

The Cure guided me through all the trials and tribulations of my teenage years and high school. Now as an adult living the suburban life I still listen to them almost every day (Much to my wife's chagrin). I am not sure I would be the person I am today with out this band.

Last summer I took my son who was 13 at the time to his first concert, it was The Cure for the 4:13 Dream album. He loved it, although he seems to be more into the opening act "65 Days of Static"

This weekend Sirius/XM are doing a Cure weekend, so I urge you to check it out on First Wave 22. If you do not have Sirius/XM it is also broadcast on DirectTV's music channels or you can listen online, go here for a free 3 day trial. They are playing a 3 hour live concert from Hollywood Bowl twice a day all weekend too.

If you have never listened to The Cure, here is my list of albums to check out for those new to The Cure.

1.) Disintegration (of course). This is probabally the bands best album. It is the album that moved music from the 80's electropop, to the early 90's grunge movement (not that it sounds like either one of those). Matt Parker and Trey Stone from South Park, summed it up best at the end of the "Mecha Striseand" episode...Robert Smith kicks ass, and Disintegration is the best album ever!

2.) This is tough, do we move forward to Wish with its heaver guitars, some more accessable sound or back to The Head on the Door? Both albums are light and full of pop type hits. Both are excellent albums to introduce new listeners with out the heavier overtones of other albums, but with a good example of their lyrical style.

3.) Lets move to the dark side. There are 3 albume in their early catalog that are heavy, dark, and powerful. These albums are where The Cure cemented their "Goth Rock" lable. Pornography, Faith, and 17 Seconds. While these albums are heavy fan favorites, their general mass apeal may be limited. If you really enjoyed the first 3 albums I listed check out one of these.

4.) Because I am such a huge cure fan, I am going to list as number 4, the rest of their catalog. I know lame but thats how I feel. Wild Mood Swings, panned by the fans is full of up beat quirky songs. "The Cure" produced by Ross Robinson is recorded in 1 take, very lightly produced and kind of raw, while not a favorite is still pretty good.

Japanese Whispers is an EP full of pop singles, Three Imaganary Boys/Boys Don't Cry is their first album, full of post punk angst. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me is the album that introduced me to my wife. The Top is my all time favorite, for its bizzare guitar riffs, lyrics and over all uniqueness.

Or just buy the deluxe edition of their Greatest Hits, 18 tracks that span their entire discography, with "live" accoustic versions on the second disk.

Enough rambling from me. I am at work alone today as it is Saturday and I should get back to work.


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