Friday, May 29, 2009

Into the Scarlet Monastery.

I have a good in game friend who is the GM of her guild. They were making excellent progress on Naxx25 when a good portion of their core raiders left for more progressed guilds. They are in the process of training a new batch of raiders for 10 man content. I feel for the GM and all the 80's left in the guild because it is a huge step backward. They are basically back in the wiping 2-3 times for every Anub'Rekhan kill.

My guild has pretty much left me behind. Not out of malice, or anything like that. But because real life has made raiding with my guild pretty much impossible lately. So I have decided to join up with The Lost for their Naxx10 runs and help them build a new batch of raiders.

Last night I got the wife and the kid out of the house, dinner cooked and settled in for a night of Naxx10 with The Lost. Well real life jumped up and bit me again, "The Boy" had a final project for both English and Science due today, that was just in the starting phases. He needed mini-figures for a board game they were making, needed CD's ripped for a speech project blah blah blah.

Well that kinda shot the raid for me. We killed Anub'Rekhan, and Grand Widow and I had to leave the raid. Fortunately for The lost I was just DPS'ing and not healing, a DPS spot is pretty easy to fill on our server.

After the homework crisis was averted, 2 hours had passed and I logged back in on my baby Pally to just futz around a bit before bed. I was invited to SM Cath as at level 29...and Ret. Well it went well till we got to the actual cathedral and my little level 29 butt had such a huge aggro radius that one flash heal and I pulled the whole cathedral.

Two wipes later I gave up and brought in the big guns...Skraps. I must say running a group of 30 somethings through all 3 wings of SM was way more fun than I thought it could be. I basically pulled the whole instance to the final boss and Magma Totem, Chain Lightning and Thunderstorming the whole thing into oblivion. The 4 guys I ran with all Leveled up at least once. Good times were had by all.

The most amazing part. Two of the players were brand new to WoW! They had never seen the unbridaled wrath of a level 80 Elemental Shaman. There were resounding ohhhs and ahhhhs heard through the entire cathedral.

I think I may run those guys a few other instances this weekend it was that much fun.

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