Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

So turns out the only thing worse than working alone in the office on Saturdays, working alone in the office on a Saturday that also happens to be your birthday.

Well it is now 8:30 am. Only 8.5 hours to go huh? The wife has told me I am not allowed to go home for lunch today. I wonder why? It might be because for the second time in the last five 6 years she has attempted to throw a surprise party. The first time was on my 30th, when I randomly bumped into her best friends mom, who blew the surprise. This time the wife blew it. I was making plans for tonight with some friends to install a solar pool heater, when she said "But what about your party Saturday night?"

So at least I will be able to get ripped tonight! yay me!


  1. That cake reminds me of Ace of Cakes!


    And happy bday to you as well!

  2. I shamelessly steal my pictures from other sites, so it could be from Ace of Cakes. Although my cousin in in school to be a pastry chef, maybe I will be able to taki pics of his work in the future.