Thursday, April 30, 2009

Struggling with Post 3.1 hunter build.

So Since the patch last week when we got another reset of talent points I haven't even logged in to my hunter. Remember until the great BM nerf of 2008 my main was my hunter. I loved all things huntery, my shaman was just a toy to farm herbs and heal pugs between raids. I have been a BM hunter since I rolled my first hunter. I love the feel of managing my self and my pet. I have a love of my pet. It makes me sad when he dies. But since the nerf, I haven't enjoyed it as much. I used to be in the top 3 DPS of our 25 man raids. Now I sit around 10-12. So tonight will be my first Ulduar raid as a hunter since 3.1 and I need a spec. I played around with a survival build, but it felt wrong, and worse my DPS dropped even further due to my lack of survival skill, I just dont know how to play it. I hear a lot of the BM nerfs have been undone, but we will never be the number one DPS again.

I have looked at a lot of specs but I think I am leaning for the 53/15/3 build that seems popular.

Here is hoping I can pull some DPS tonight.


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