Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Look I'm Noble

So the only good thing about knee surgery is that I was off work for NobleGarten. It took all of about 3 hours of farming to gather all the eggs and completing the achievement. I did 90% of the requirements Sunday morning, and finished up by eating all 100 chocolate eggs yesterday morning between WinterGrasp battles and 10 man Mally to try anf get the Champion of the Frozen Wastes title. Just need a KT kill (for some reason I never get the last 1/2 of Naxx on this toon, and never get the first half on my hunter) and one day I will find someone to run Halls of Lightning to kill Loken. Why will no one ever run HoL?

I thought I had THE farming spot for eggs. I started in Brill, the two shelves outside the inn, the two carts, and the bushes to the left of the shelves had about 10 eggs that spawned. It was an excelent spot Sunday morning, but by Monday all those spawns were camped. I want to give a special thanks to FlameShock for providing the spot in FalconWind Square. I was able to get the last 75 eggs I needed there in under 30 minutes.

Anyway that was NobleGarten. Here is to Childrens Week starting Next week! My favorite holiday! Now what pet do I go for? It is so hard to decide. I have Willy, and Peanut. Do I complete the trio or go for the new one in Sholzar?

sad day, back at work and no more Percocet, so the knee is hurting pretty good, but hey I can bend it half way now.


  1. Thanks for the link! I think we can actually get 3 pets this year, I recall you can take the quest from Org, Shatt and now I guess Scholozar.

  2. For some reason I remember it as you can only do 1 childrens week quest. But I am probably wrong.