Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Friday

So in addition to it being Friday, my favorite day of the week. The chain-smoking too much perfume-wearing loud and angry woman who shares a cubicle with me called in sick, the boss is off and all the big-Whigs are out of the building today!

My plan for the day:

1.) Continue re-reading "The Icewind Dale" trilogy. My son, wife and I have all been reading the novels from start to finish. It is awesome to share books I enjoyed in high school with my son as he is getting ready to start high school himself.

2.) Try to figure out this whole blogging thing.

3.) Convince the wife that she really wants to go to Santa Cruz this weekend. The surf is up, it has been a long winter, and we have not been in the ocean since September. (The wife is back in school getting her Masters Degree and is bogged down in home work. I have to force her to take breaks to have fun every now and again)

4.) Post my thoughts on 3.1. I finally got to play around with the Agrent Tournament, but missed Ulduar 25 due to family game night.

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