Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ulduar Dropped today

So today The secrets of Ulduar were unveiled. Due to a heavily negotiated deal with the wife, I have cut my WoW playing to 2-3 nights per week. What does this mean to me? It means I wont even be able to logon and purchase and allocate all those tasty talent points until Thursday at the very earliest. Worse yet, as I joined my guild back in the BC days as a DPS hunter, they will not let me raid as a Shaman until we have 10 man on farm. We are a hardcore casual guild. Which means we raid 4 nights per week, but attendance isn't mandatory.

So my Shaman should start seeing Ulduar around mid-May. I guess not so bad in the overall wheel of time. I look forward to running the first few weeks as DPS so i can learn the encounters with out having the stress of healing unfamiliar bosses. I figure let the "real" guild healers figure it out, then tell me what to do when they drag my sorry arse through the bosses later.

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