Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My thoughts on 3.1, post weekend edition.

So the one thing I learned is 3.1 did not fix the Tank shortage, although it certainly did something for healing. I was a healer through BC, speced enhancement for leveling from 70-80 which was a lot of fun, but I prefer healing. This weekend I pugged the daily heroics every day. I pugged Sarth and Mally. All as DPS.

Total chaos...dogs and cats living together mass hysteria!

I think i did pretty good as as Elemental DPS, no major boo boo's didn't pull threat and topped out at almost 2200 DPS in my healing gear with a cobbled together Ele spec, I choose talents cause they looked cool, I didnt follow a proven build because I though I would only DPS solo.

I truely believe I landed in bizzaro WoW. Everytime someone I knew asked if I wanted to run something it was pst...wanna run heroic CoS? Wanna run heroic HoS. "Sure let me grab some water and switch to heal spec" pst..."You wanna dps instead of heal, we have a healer?"

The only down side to running DPS and letting someone else heal. I had a real difficult time not throwing heals around the group. Old habbits die hard.

The other down side, running with new healers that have no idea. I had hundreds of gold in repairs from new healers letting the tank die and the group wiping.

Last thought, I know this is kind of rambling. But come on...seriously guys, some of you RetPallys, FuryWarriors, and DK's drop the G and buy dual specs so you can tank. Farstriders /2 was awash is LFG Tank for... all weekend. we need some tanks.

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