Saturday, April 25, 2009

How not to heal Heroic Azjol-Nerub

So I get a whisper from a friend, "Can you heal Heroic AN pug? I'm tank" I think sure it will be fun. Group is Prot Pally, Destro Lock, Blood DK and Frostfire Mage.

Well the Mage topped 700dps for the run, fully 1/2 the tank. We will never run with him again.

So the fun part...

We get to Anub'arak, start the event and the mage sits outside the wall. Anub'arak pops up and eate me before I can say hello, I'm down. I didn't pop cause i figured it is a wipe. First phase is over everyone is up but me and Mage thanks to Earth shield, and riptide cooking on the tank and the DK. I figure wtf and pop. The lock drops a soulstone on me, i pop mana tide and I'm at 1/2 mana 30 seconds into the encounter.

Pop a potion, heal like mad cause i'm behind the curve. I'm now OOM. Tank still has 4 charges from ES and a riptide cooking. Adds spawn and eat me again. Turns out this is a good thing cause I poped soulstone resurection and I'm back to 1/2 mana!

Just enough mana left to drop mana spring and another earth shield/ripide and we get the job done.

Not the cleanest kill but rated pretty high on the epic battle scale. Might be the most fun pug I have ever had.


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