Thursday, April 23, 2009

No raiding/very little WoW this week.

Had a bit of knee surgery yesterday and the thought of sitting at my desk to play sounds horribly painful. Playing on my Dell Mini9 even worse.

Hope to see you folks soon.

p.s. Thank God for Percocet!

p.s.s. If anybody is reading this can you share a link that shows how to do the nifty wow-head item tooltips when you hover over an item link?

thanks all.

Skraps (john)


  1. There is a good explanation here by druid_kagrra:

    Hey there! Instead of adding the code to your template go to Layout > Page Elements and then on the bottom area click Add a Gadget. From the list find HTML/JavaScript and add that. Paste your code into the box and then save it. This will add your code to the page without affecting your template's code and should fix the problem. Let me know how it works out! :D

    <script src=""></script>


  2. Erm also just then put a HTML link to a wowhead item/spell on the page and it will automatically pop a hover thingy on it.