Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome to ShamWoW

Welcome to my new home on the interweb-tubes. I will be posting regularly on this site my trials and tribulations of a soft-core raider, part time Restoration Shaman, part time Beast Master Hunter (boo "Great BM Hunter Nerf of 2008" I still havent found my DPS, as I refuse to spec Survival)

I will not be theory-crafting, or improving your raid or party DPS and healing. What i will be doing is sharing my many misadventures. From causing raid wipes (as anybody who raids with me can attest I do with more style and flare than anybody out there) to first time boss kills. I will not be showcasing my epic loots, because we do not run with DKP and the RNG hates me. But I will be happy to show you any pitty loot that gets thrown my way.

Lastly I hope to bring a little humor into my corner of the internet. So dust off your jackets, sit down and have a beer on me.

p.s. I may from time to time share with you my latest experimental beer recipe I brewed over the weekend, stories of my kids, and the ginormous cluster f*ck that is the family I married into.

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