Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OK I know I said no showing off loot but...

So last night after servers came back up I got on my hunter and repaired, bought ammo (yay for 1000 arrow stacks) respeced survival to try it out (boy do i miss 1500 dps pets) and headed over to Ulduar for the scheduled raid.

Invites went out, and I patiently waited for my invite...I waited some more...and some more. Then I noticed most of the 80's online in Ulduar. But not me. Sad Panda. But alas we did not have enough people for 25 Ulduar, the elite core raiders sallied forth to try the first 2-3 bosses. I was left standing in the cold north, my trusty cat beside me, with nothing to do but watch my friends enter Ulduar.

So whats a hunter to do? Switch to my Shaman whom will one day be my main of course.

At 10 minutes to 9:00 pacific time, someone in guild chat said "Hey I think we have enough extra people on for another 10 man Ulduar" I looked lovingly at my wife and said "oh please oh please oh please! It is the new raid please please please!" She rolled her eyes and said "One hour, or you sleep on the couch tonight with the dogs"

So the raid forms, we enter the instance and the raid leader says "So uh...anybody know what to do?". Much comedy ensues, we slowly figure out how to get started. We ever so smartly put healers as pasangers in the know so they can heal. We clear the trash to Flame
Leviathan healers are catapulted to the top of him, and we realise healers can not DPS the tourets there is much panic and we all die.

Take Two: Healers re-asigned to drive the demolishers, dps'ers ride the catapults all is good in the land. We get him down to 1.5 million hit points and we wipe.

Take Three: We figured out this fight, it is 10:30 Pacific time, I am 30 minutes past my point of no return, Flame Leviathan is toast, nice tank plate wrists drop as well as this fine healing mail.

I am the only mail wearer in the raid, so RNG be dammed I win the gear. Eventhough everyone in the raid decided to roll against me. I /rolled a 12. Bloody 12! But since i actually could use it I get it.

p.s. Hope to one day figure out how to do that spiffy link where you hover over it and the item tool-tip pops up. I hate linking to the wow-wiki page for the item.

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