Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Who knew a Ulduar PuG wold work out this well?

Yes that is a Ulduar PuG, or just a random dog pic found on the internet. But hey, it popped up when I did a Google images search of "Ulduar Pug" I felt it was imperative I use it.

Friday night raid something happened. I signed on at 7:00 server a full 30 minutes before raid time and there was already 33 level 80 raiders online. Don't these people have lives? I mean come on who stays home and plays WoW Friday night? Oh right, nevermind.

Well since I showed up "late" i did not get a spot in the raid. Not a big deal really, I had really needed to do chores any way. I parked myself in front of the Dalaran fountain to try and get that stupid achievement. I say in /trade "LFM Ulduar 10, need healz and dps". Now on a night that I had not recently tapped a new keg of homebrew I would have ignored a call like that, I mean really "LF HEALZ"? Heals has no Z, and is probably some 12 year old trying to get into Ulduar when they have no business being there. But as I said, I was a bit "in my cups" as they say, and had a pretty good mellow buzz going and I said "I'm a resto shaman, fairly well geared" The response did not fill me with confidence.

I hopped onto my mount and headed to Ulduar to pick some flowers while waiting to get things going. We headed in to the instance, I found the raid consisted of 6 people from a guilds Ulduar "B" team, and a few people no-showed so they had to pug to get the run going. I was feeling better about the PuG. We got into the raid, and 2 destroyers and a chopper were killed by trash. I felt worse about the run. After that little snafu, we got to FL, and killed him with no problem. Feeling better I am. Got to Razorscale, and wiped 2 times before the raid really got into a groove and downed him.

We then moved onto XT-002 Deconstructor. 1 sot him, and he dropped Enhancement Gear. I was the only Shaman, and there was no hunters. Next up was Kolgarn. 1 shot as well, this raid really came together. After Kolgarn, I realized why I was having mana problems all night, no replenishment in the raid. I now know why Blizzard says it is required for raids now. Every boss fight, I used a potion, mana tide and an innervate.

After Kolgarn we moved on to Auriaya. This fight was a little rocky too, not because it was a difficult fight, but the tank kept dying on the pull. Turns out the tank gets whacked pretty hard by Auriaya, and 2 pounces at the same time on that pull. After we figured out to start the fight with pain suppression, she went down like a hooker on payday. We were going to hit Hodir, but it was starting to get late and some members had to call it. So on our way out we hit Ignis. All in all it was an awesome evening.

Also since I had never really done Ulduar 10 I walked out with a nice collection of achievements, and 3 pieces of Enhancement gear, that I may never use.

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