Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Should I be offended?

Over the weekend I hopped on early Sunday morning while the house was quiet, the wife and kid were sleeping and I could get some uninterrupted WoW quality time. I did a few of the daily's that I still do, like the fishing, cooking and a few tournament ones. Then hopped in the LFG channel while in Dalaran.

I was chatting whit some friends and futzing around when I see LF Healer H ToC then GtG, and others. I think "I'm a healer, I haven't done ToC or others. They are looking for me!

I send a tell, stating as much.

He responds I'm at the north bank, come here I want to inspect you before we invite you.

I want to preface this next paragraph with a bit of a disclamer...I am not a ginormous epeen, nor do I have a giant ego. I run a lot of PuGs. I think running PuGs is one of the best way to learn your class, because there are not that many "oh Shit!" moments in guild runs and raids, as if you are raiding you probably know what you are doing.

I was kind of taken aback! I understand that on a server you can't possibly know every level 80. But I like to think I have kind made a name for myself as an extremely competent healer. Nine times out of ten when joining a PuG I know at least 1 other member. I run A LOT of PuGs I love them. I run them whenever I do not have something going on in guild. But i was kind of offended when he wanted to inspect me just to join his PuG.

I responded "I am geared to heal (or DPS for that matter) any encounter we could possibly see today up to and including Ulduar. I am not going to waste my time or your time for a parade of my gear. If you need a healer I am available otherwise I will go back to my daily's.

I guess he had a discussion with his group and a few minutes later I got an invite. We went on to one shot ToC, HoL and even Occulus (which I hate btw). The group was fun we cleared 3 heroics in just over an hour and a half. With only the occasional death and no wipes.

So the question is I guess. Should I be offended, or am I the ass hole for not cooperating and showing off my gear before the run?


  1. There is this strange rationale in people's minds where they equate purple gear=skilled player. It is ridiculously easy to obtain epic gear these days. Gevlon over at the Greedy Goblin has done a few lengthy posts recently on this subject. Even going to the point of gettin a 10 man raid together in all blues, non-Abyss crystal enchants, and non-epic gemmed gear to successfully clear Ulduar 10. Skill>Gear.

  2. I would have been offended too. Just because a person is wearing, epics don't mean they will be a 'good player'. Having the epics will make it a lot easier, if you're knowledgeable about your class. At times that can be challenging too, if you are running with a group that don't know their class as well. I run a lot of things in the guilds I'm part of, but I also like to PUG too.

    I agree with you in that PUGs force you into those 'oh crap' positions. You have to react fast. About a week or so ago I was in a guild run HTOC, the highest DPS was 2000, the others were in the 1500's - 17000 range. The DPS group pretty much fell apart on the Black Knight. The day before I ran HTOC with a tanking buddy, same tanking class as the guildy and with similar DPS. He runs things with his guild, but like me he runs a lot of PUGS too. We were able to complete HTOC. With the low DPS I got more adds in Black Knight Phase 2. The DPS was taken damage, and the first few times weren't able to run away from the Ghouls before the explosion, the group AOE heals, kept everyone alive but now the ghouls were on my squishy Holy Priest. However, he was able to successfully pull the Ghouls off me, and the other DPS. I made sure he lived through those explosions. He did, we made it. Challenging, yes but what a great experience. :) That being said, as much as I have learned playing my Holy Priest, I still have more to learn. :)

  3. I wouldn't be offended... at least take it personally... it's just the way of the game. realistically TBC was the same, but these days you get asked for both gear and achievements.. for what they are worth.

    I do however think you did the right thing. IMHO it is probably worth checking a Tank, though once again with the availability of gear in WoLK, it will be the skill that is the issue... but healers.... never look a gift heal in the mouth!

  4. @ Gnomeaggedon

    In TBC I was constantly asked what was my bonus healing. That pretty much was the only stat people cared about.

    As for checking a tanks gear I look at his HP. If it is high enough I figure I should be able to heal through any lack of skill they may have...I hope.