Friday, August 28, 2009

Healing Heroic ToC, a guide.

I'm sure this guide is a little late, since most everyone has gotten their fill of ToC by now but here goes anyway.

Phase one: Dumb. Hate it. The only redeeming quality is it is pretty quick. Don't bother buffing before you mount up as it doesn't matter anyway, and most groups run out of the instance to reset it before engaging the 3 bosses. The biggest advice I have for you here is make sure someone is on trample duty, and running down the dismounted bosses before the remount. If you do not do this you will have to knock the bosses off their mounts until you have them all down at the same time. Also make sure you pick a target and kill it as a group. Makes things much faster.

Once the bosses are all dismounted run out of the arena so the bosses reset and you can control aggro from the start. Makes things so much easier. You need to establish a kill order and stick to it. These bosses hit pretty hard, have some nasty AOE and if you don't focus fire and follow the tanks lead you will not make it.

You will get a random mix of any of the three classes Warrior, Mage, Shaman, Hunter or Rogue. Basically here if you get the Shaman, kill him first, or he heals everyone else then Warrior. The other three classes are a piece of cake, and kill order doesn't really matter. Then there is the ever important "DON'T STAND IN THE POOLS OF DEATH". Other than that this encounter is a piece of cake.

The second boss is very much a loot pinata. You will get one of two bosses Eadric the Pure Argent Confessor Paleteress. Eadric is basically tank-n-spank. If you are healing turn your back on the boss or you will get stunned. The magic of being a healer is you do not have to be looking at your target to heal, so there is no reason to ever get caught in the stun. Paleteress, is a little harder (it is all relative) when she hits 25% she will summon a previous boss you have fought. But they are all the same. They have an AOE fear, tremor totem FTW! When the add is dead, engage Paleteress again, kill her.

The Instance is done.

But wait! It is the Black Knight come to crash the party, you are not done yet!

The Black Knight has three phases. Phase one, basic tank-n-spank with one ghoul add, the former arena announcer. As the healer I often kill the add while the rest of the DPS is working on the Black knight. He doesn't hit very hard on this phase and Earth Shield and Riptide should be enough to keep the rest of the party alive while you deal with the ghoul.

Phase two, he is dead, and pissed. He pope Army of the Dead at the start of this phase, and uses Corpse Explosion on all the ghouls you kill. This phase can be tricks. Make sure you stack on the tank so he can get aggro on all the adds, then move out and kill the adds one at a time and move before they explode. Also try to keep out of the Death and Decay. Once all the adds are down, the Black Knight should be almost dead.

Phase three, he is really dead now, and really pissed. To be honest I do not really know what he does here. I have always spent phase three running around like a three year old kid amped up on redbull and vodka casting Chain Heal, Riptide and generally trying not to die.

After that you have spent about 30 minutes, collected three emblems of conquest and hopefully five pieces of epic loot that won't be sharded!


  1. The phase 2 bosses are the same for Alliance and Horde. (same names and models)

  2. Thanks, I didn't know that. I'll edit the post.