Monday, August 10, 2009

Trial of the Champion is a Biatch

Not because it is difficult, not because it is boring but because I can't seem to get a competent group together to get it done.

I have attempted to do it everyday since it has been released and for some reason can't get a guild run together. Admittedly I have been signing on later than normal and most of my friends have done it for the day, therefore I am forced to PuG it.

In the last week I have Pug'ed it with a warrior tank, with 29k health. Silly me thought this would be enough. Turns out having a high health pool, and epics in every slot doesn't mean the guy can tank. I never once saw any semblance of AOE aggro abilities, and after my first heal i was killed by the two mobs not actively being tanked.

A druid tank that seemed to know what he was doing, we made it through the jousting, the first boss after that, then the tank couldn't stay connected for more than 30 seconds at a time. Not his fault, but still doomed the run.

Tried a DK tank, turned out he was a fresh 80, and not even defense capped. That one was particularly bad. Tried every friend and guild I had earned karma points with over the last year healing, and just couldn't get it done.

I have decided the WoW gods do not want me to do ToC, and I have decided I will give up trying until I can gut a guild tank and 3 guild DPS.

On the raiding side, I missed every raid this week trying to get my son enrolled in school after his getting expelled for bringing his boy scout swiss army knife to school. But we managed to get him in to the school we wanted him in, but he will have to meet with the principal every week, and discuss his grades etc. It is nice to see a public school principal take that kind of interest in your kid.

This week we should be starting ToC25 and ToC25 heroic. I'll let you know how that goes.

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