Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Am I happy 3.2 drops today?

In a word, no. I was really hoping 3.2 would come out after Blizzcon. I know some people are getting tired of Ulduar and have the whole place on farm and are looking forward to the new content. But me, I would like three more weeks of regular Ulduar raiding. There are still 3 bosses I have not downed yet, and damn it I want to kill them. The guild leader said last week if the patch drops this week we would still do our Ulduar, and give the new raid a week to work out the bugs, but I know we will be in there by Thursday at the latest.

Hopefully after a week or two of Crusaders Coliseum we will start up a regular pug of Ulduar10/25 like we did Naxx after Ulduar dropped. And lets face it, for the OCD in me I would like to complete my 4 piece t8 set before moving on to t9.

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