Friday, August 21, 2009

Blizzcon 2009

I was unable to get myself tickets for Blizzcon this year. I did like the new ticket que system, I think it was a little more fair than last year. I did not get tickets on the first Saturday, and forgot the second Saturday, so I guess that is my bad.

In lieu of going to Blizzcon this year, I choose to buy the Direct TV stream. I am at work all day today, the boss is out at training, and I finished all my pressing projects. I am going to go hide in the server room and watch the stream from one of the servers that I am "Performing maintenance" on.

For all of you out there that got tickets and are going, enjoy the show. If you get close enough, stare creepily at Felicia Day for me. As I think I would seriously consider leaving my wife if she gave me the chance, and I'm pretty sure my wife would be ok with that.

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