Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Have you seen my face?

Because Green Day rocked it off last night! As I said before I am not a huge Green Day fan, but after last night they have climbed up the ladder quite a few rungs. Now in my younger days I went to shows almost every weekend, and growing up in the Bay Area I had the opportunity to see a young Green Day, as well as a lot of other post punk bands. I have seen well over 100 bands come through the Bay Area, and this may be the best show I have ever been to. The set list built on itself quite well. They started off rocking and kept it up for just over 3 hours.

Memorable moments were:

1. The 9 year old kid brought on stage from the pit for a evangelical revival during East Jesus Nowhere

2. The high school girl brought on stage to sing Longview while Billy Joe played. This girl, aside from being really nervous rocked.

3. (Quite possibly my all time favorite rock show memory) Started by Billy Joe asking who in the crowd can play guitar, then when he found someone "Can you play Jesus of Suburbia?" You better be able to...cause if you can't we are going to kick your ass!" Well the kid could play it, and he rocked it like he has been playing with Green Day since he was 5!

I am not sure how many more shows they have on this tour, I do know they are playing in Sacramento next week. If you can see them, make the effort, you won't be disappointed!

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