Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Zombie invasion has begun...

I work in a small office. My group is kind of the definition of small fish in big pond. We are the IT group there are 6 of us. We are the IT department for a library system that has 16 branches in 2 counties, with something in the neighborhood of 1000 bosses. Each of us has our specialties. We have a Tandem Admin, Windows Admin, Unix Admin a general all around IT guy, and me. The Security/Network guy.

So last month the Unix admin went on vacation to Seattle. He is kind of an aging hippy. I receive endless amounts of joy every time I tell him "You know my dad is a year younger than you". While on vacation he suffered a major heart attack and died briefly. (Something like 3 minutes)

This week marks his return to work, and I am worried. I mean the dude died, and yet here he is still walking around. That sounds like Zombie to me, right? I have taken to wearing a helmet while at work to protect my brains. If only they did not have a "No Firearms" law at work.

I have decided to arm myself with work approved weapons. I have a stick, I know not terribly effective against zombies, but I figure I should at least be able to keep him away from me with said stick. I have a couple bottles of solvent on my desk and a lighter. If he does decide to attack I am fairly confident that I can soak him, and light him on fire before he gets me.

That's all for today. Welcome back Richard. Stay healthy man.

I have been working on a Shaman leveling guide, but talent specs and abilities have changed so much that I am looking at my sons level 40 shammy to try some things out. I think I am going to break it down to a 20-40 guide, a 40-60 guide and a 60-80 guide. This will not be full of math, and theory crafting. Just how I did it. The guide will be designed to maximize fun, not dps etc.



  1. "You know my dad is a year younger than you"

    LMAO, I play WoW with a guy that was born the same year as my parents, and I am always calling him gramps. Of course, he always reminds me my parents were only 17 when I was born. I can't wait til they all turn 50 in a couple years, so I can really lay down the grief.

  2. Why don't you take a Paladin to your office for the next weeks... just in case, an Exorcism or Turn Evil should be enough.

    *I have been working on a Shaman leveling guide*



    Me be a happy shaman, 'mon. /trolldance