Thursday, July 2, 2009

Leveling Enhancement 10-20

The first part of my leveling guide will cover levels 10 to 20. I personally play a Orc Shaman so this guide will focus mainly around the Orgramar starter quests and how I did it. Remember this is not a guide for those looking to min/max or be uber leet. This is how I did it, and designed to speed leveling and for the most fun. Therefore I will recommend a lot of pugs in Wailing Caverns, RageFire Chasm, and ShadowFang Keep.

Well lets get started.

Before you reach level 20 you only have two totems to deal with, and I like to macro my totems to the "c" key. I find it is pretty easy to reach it from the wasd keys and I remember to drop all my totems for fights. The simple macro for for this is

/castsequence reset=120 Strength of Earth Totem, Searing Totem

This will work great for now, but will be made obsolete in the 3.2 patch with the new Totem interface. As you level up and learn new totems you can add them to the end of the string. The reset=120 gives you two minutes to drop all your totems while casting or moving. I find this really useful during raid heals, where I drop a totem, spam heals for 30 seconds then drop the next totem.

For talent points I usually drop my first 3 points into Enhancing Totems for the extra strength and agility. At level 13 it only gives an extra 1.5 strength and agility, but it scales well as you level. The second 2 points go into Earth's Grasp because it is the ONLY escape mechanism that Shaman have and you will be dropping one or the other when you accidentally pull 5 mobs. You will spend the 5 talent points from 15-20 on Thundering Strikes because 5% crit is 5% crit.

Loot you should be looking for:
Ragefire Chasm - Subterranean Cape
Wailing Caverns - Embrace of the Viper this is a set that will take many runs to complete, and the stats are kind of all over the place, but with the strength, agility and stamina on the peices and the set bonuses your melee attacks will hit harder, and your shocks and heals will be much more powerful.

From 10 to 20 I really like to focus on Wailing caverns. Mostly because I like grouping, and the exp from kills really adds up here in the low levels. If you choose to level by questing, I strongly recommend you avoid The Barrens, and head over to Silverpine Forest. I like the lore better, the scenery is better and you get to avoid all the running up and down the barrens. Also you then will be close to the Hillsbrad and Arathi highlands quests, which I love. The only downside to this questing strategy is every time you hit an even level, you have to hearthstone to Orgrimar to get training, then Zeppelin and Air Taxi to Silverpine Forest.

That finishes up Leveling part one. Tomorrow is the 3rd of July holiday and I won't be at work, so I should be able to get part two up. I head to Mexico for a weeks vacation on the 10th. So hopefully I will at least be able to get you to 60 by then.



  1. Good guide man! It's a pity nobody runs low level dungeons on my realm... :(

    Anyway the spec and overall advices are great.

    Nice xD

    Off-Topic: You don't know how much effort it took me to find this blog after I lost the Favorites link (alongside all the others I had when I switched from Google Chrome to the new Firefox) searched for "Skraps" on google, :S
    I found it again thanks to

  2. Glad to see you here! I should have the 20-40 guide up in the next 24 hours. Depending on how Ulduar goes tonight. Now that I am recovered from vacation I'm looking forward to getting some postponed posts up.

  3. Good luck in Ulduar man!

    Oh, and take your time, there's no hurry... ;)