Monday, July 27, 2009

The Alt report

He was my tank in classic, he tanked through BC. By the end of the BC lifecycle I had gotten really bored, and discouraged by warrior tanking. Because lets face it, warrior tanks were sub-par in BC, (for 5 mans) They had no AOE threat and required CC for any 5 man to be successful. When 3.0 hit and all the warrior changes were live I had a ton of renewed interest in warrior tanking, and did bunches of stuff with him in the closing weeks of BC and was looking forward to BC. But I just couldn't bring myself to level him, I couldn't figure out how to DPS after 3 years of tanking. He is parked in howling fjord, retired and now he just cooks all my food for me.

He was my first toon to 80. My first toon with Epic flight, and first toon with the Champion of the Frozen Wastes title. He DPS'ed his happy way through Naxx, OS and Mally in the early days of Wrath. I still have a soft spot in my heart for him, I still think if BM huntering were restored to its glory days I may drop healing and go back to DPS'ing with my cat, Humar the pridelord. I camped that tree in the barrens for 2 weeks to get him. Then had to level him from 23 to 70, in the olden days when your pets didn't automagically jump to 5 levels lower than you. (To be fair, he did level with me as I got him when I was 25 or so) I still hop on My huter and DPS when I can find a 5 man or raid that absolutely will not need any healing from me.

My obligatory Death Knight alt. i have a lot of fun solo'ing with her, but I cant see ever having a DK main, or even main alt. I am not a giant fan of melee DPS, and I am not sure the world needs another DK tank. But she is kind of fun to play, and i like the heirloom shoulders and axe.

My newest alt. This one I am leveling up with my son. He is a level 32 rogue, I'm a level 32 Drood. I have been gathering gear so I can heal or tank as we level, and we play when my son has managed to get all his homework or chores done. i am actually having a ton of fun with the druid. I really enjoy the shape shifting aspect of the druid. RAWR!

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