Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Loot and dungeons for leveling from 20-40

Since I am going to be discussing dungeons and loot today I couldn't think of a dungeon I like to run less, here is a map of Gnomergon!

Dungeons and leveling from 20-40. what can I say, I like pugging them, any of them, all of them. I find pugging may be the best way to learn my class, as there is never a better opportunity to find new tricks then those "oops" moments that that noob hunter just did.

Starting at level 22 you can visit BFD... or Blackfathom Depths. There is an excellent 2h Axe here, but you will be fighting Ret Pallys and DPS warriors for it, as well as 2 excellent pieces of leather for your hands and wrists and a ring. Lots and lots of stuff here for the Enhancement shaman. It is also a fairly fun instance if a little long. it might be tough to find a pug to stick it through to the end. There is also a what I call "gimmick" weapon here that if it drops, and no one else can use it take it to the Auction house. I am not a big of the sometimes shoots milk from its nose, or farts in your general direction proc weapons. Their procs are too inconsistent, people get all crazy for them thinking they are better than sliced bread. Let someone else have it, unless everyone is greeding for AH, then take no prisoners!

Moving on...

At level 29 you can start on Razorfen Kraul or RFK in the LFG channel. There is a 2h axe, and a 2h mace here for your whacking pleasure. More leather hands, and leather pants. There are also 2 rings you will want to try to get. This is also a semi-long instance, that can be quite confusing, and easy to get lost in if you don't know the way. Good luck trying to find a pug to finish it.

At level 30 you can get the quest that transports you to Gnomergon. Avoid this place like the plague, I mean because it is plagued, and irradiated and all kinds of dumb. I mean come on, who wants to visit a Gnome city? Well if you have your heart set on visiting the Gnome homeland there is a few pieces of gear you can pick up while you are there. There is a 2h mace with a real nice haste increase on use. A 2h Axe. A pair Gimmick BoE axes, again Auction house them if they drop. A pair of leather pants, and a pair of leather wrists, and a ring. they both have a random enchant though, so if they drop they might not be any good for you.

Starting in the mid 30's you can go to Scarlet Monastery. This is probably the favorite instance of all low level WoW players. There are 4 wings, with a ton of loot in them. so much loot in fact that I am going to make you look it up yourself on wowhead. but seriously, you should have no problem finding groups for SM regardless of your server population, there are usually 5-10 people in the LFG for one of the wings at any given time. Go to SM, have fun, and kill those Scarlet Crusaders.

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