Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is Thorim ridiculously hard? Or is it just me?

Because of real life issues I have been raiding only sporadically since 3.1 came out. Over the last few weeks I have gotten back into raiding. I have hit all the bosses up to Hodir and have had a blast doing it. The last time I raided and we got to Thorim, it was fairly late and we only had time for two attempts before we called it and decided to pick it up again the next day. Well real life bit me again and I never finished raiding that week.

Last night we smashed up Ulduar real good, until we got to Thorim. I must say, this fight is ridiculously hard. Not Thorim himself, but the gauntlet/arena portion. We finally downed him thanks to 3 rogues spamming tricks on the tank and fan of knives on all the adds over and over. This was a pretty healing intensive fight that I had to not only drink a mana potion, but i also had to drop a mana tide totem. I can't remember the last time I had come so close to going OOM on a boss fight.

Once Thorim entered the room, we had 24 people up and the raids other Resto Shaman to drop his mana tide we completed the job, and no tier dropped for me. But that's ok I really come to these things for the fun. Loot is just a bonus.

Although I am a little sad that Auriaya dropped the totally kick ass resto shoulders and i did not have enough DKP to win the bid. I mean shoulders with lava!! and boulders defying gravity and trying to escape chained to them!! They are so sweet looking I want them I want them I need them!

Oh yeah I also picked up a few achievements last night, moving closer to clearing Ulduar. I think I only need 4 more bosses, not including Algalon.

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