Saturday, July 25, 2009

Leveling Enhancement 20-40

This is pretty close to what my talents looked like when I dinged 40. There are a lot of talents low in the Enhancement tree that look great and it is really hard to decide what to take. My main goal in this talent build was to get to Spirit Wolves as fast as I could, then fill in whatever is missing in the Enhancement Tree and Resto/Elemental trees later.

After Thundering Strikes, while leveling I always put points into Improved Ghost Wolf. I do this because Shaman have very little escape options available to them, and instant cast Ghost Wolf is great when you pull too many mobs, or are about to die for running away.

Then I move down to Shamanistic Focus, because lets face it 45% less mana on shocks rocks! (hehe I'm a poet and I don't even know it!)

Next it is kind of a toss up between Anticipation and Elemental Weapons. Taking less damage is good, as if you are not dead you can still DPS, but with Elemental Weapons, you may be able to kill that big bad guy before you take too much damage. I leave this one up to you, for this guide I put the points into Anticipation.

Flurry for your next 5 levels will be a no-brainer. 25% attack speed boost after a crit? Yes please! Mental Dexterity is a great talent. It encourages you to stack intellect, which allows you to throw more of those nasty lightning bolts, and your yummy instant cast shocks. For every point of Intellect you also get a point of Attack Power, win-win I say. I find with the glyphed Flame Shock I can get off two Earth Shocks while keeping my melee rotation going. Quite nice. Later you, when you respec for end game stuff you may want to drop points into improved Windfurry Totem, but for leveling, when you are mostly solo, you can get away without providing maximum buffs for whatever group you manage to pug. And finally on this tier, you will take Spirit Weapons. Not because it is such a great talent, but because it is required for that ever so juicy Shaman ability Dual Wield.

I do not PvP much so on the 7th tier I don't take Frozen Power, instead I go with 2 points in Unleashed Rage and 3 points in Weapon Mastery, 10% more weapon damage? Yes please! Later on you will go back and fill in that last point in Unleashed Rage.

Now we are at level 40 and that super awesome Shaman talent to Dual Wield, and imbue our weapons with the elements. Now you are going to want to Enchant your main hand with Windfurry and your off hand with Flametongue. You will see a massive jump in your DPS as soon as you equip that second weapon, and you will finally look like an Enhancement Shaman. A side bonus of the dual wield, if you ever have to heal a group you can throw Earthliving on both weapons and increase your healing by a pretty good chunk, as well as give you a 40% chance for the Earthliving HoT to proc. This makes Enhancement Shaman excellent out of spec healers for dungeons while leveling. The only thing that makes healing difficult is the long cast times of heals while Enhancement.

Since I was so long winded on the talents, I am going to put loot in another post on Monday or Tuesday. Everybody have a great weekend, happy Shamaning (Is that a word?)

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