Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A good Loc is hard to find

Ex Obscurum runs a 10 man Ulduar group that is primarilary the guild officers, and a 25 man group. I have been active in the 25 man group for sometime now, but we recently started a Tuesday/Monday 10 man group. I was invited to this group as DPS, I know me dps? Whats up with that? I pulled a decent 2600 DPS. Not stellar, but OK for my gear. Over the last 2 nights we cleared all the way to General Vezax. We chewed glass on General Vezax for almost 2 hours before the trash respawned and we gave up. Our best attempt we got him to 63%. It worked much better when I was put on permanant interupt duty, although that cut my dps in half, as I was busy panicing about the interupts.

Once the trash respawned we gave up and decided to try again next week. I did walk away with a pretty nice upgrade from the Iron Council.

The real story comes after the raid. Horde had just gained control of Wintergrasp so we decided to run VOA 25. We had 19 people in guild that were up for a quick VOA raid so we pugged the last 6 DPS spots. We grabbed the first six people who said me when we broadcast in LF6 DPS in wintergrasp general chat we got 3 hunters, a warrior dps, DK DPS and a Destrcution Warlcok.

We did the first couple of pulls, looked at the meter and say the Loc was dead last. We started discussing in vent the locs performance, then started to inspect him. Now i have only played a loc to level 19 so i am no expert on warlock builds, but is 71 points in destruction a little odd? How about 71 points with out a single point in Improved Shadow Bolt?

Oh yea and he was gemmed for AGILITY!!! AGILITY!!! let me scream it one more time!!! AGILITY! A warlock with AGILITY GEMS!! He was promptly kicked from the raid and replaced with one of our newly dinged 80 alts, because lets face it we could not do worse.


  1. What's wrong with agility? There are still hunters out there justifying spellpower because it boosts the heals for their pet. I will never understand how, with all the resources available, players reach level 80 and don’t understand the basic mechanics of their class.

    What’s worse to me though is trying to educate them, and no matter how kindly you approach the subject, they always get defensive and always have some weird reason for doing it that makes you scratch your head and ask where they found such ridiculous information.

    BTW, I recently renamed fatchickstank.blogspot.com to rhabellasrants.blogspot.com because someone said it looked like fat chick stank and that sounded kind of gross.

  2. Here I thought you maintained 2 blogs. i updated my links to add your new name.

    p.s. I like fat chick stank...that made me giggle.

  3. Not speccing into improved shadowbolt was actually a good sign really if you are a destruction warlock.

    However 71 points in destruction and agility gems are still a laugh.