Thursday, July 9, 2009

Not now I'm busy

The wife is preparing for her return to the Ashland Shakespeare Festival this week. Which means she needs to prep and pack for a three week stay away from home, and needs a ton of help. Not real help mind you but mostly moral support. I have not been able to play or prep for part two of the leveling guide this week. My life consists of "Honey can you get me the suit case?" "No not that one the big one." "No not the huge one, the middle big one." etc. etc. etc.

She leaves tomorrow while I am at work, I should be able to get in to Ulduar part two Friday night, and Saturday before I pack my own bags I should get Shaman leveling guide part 2 up.

Oh also none of you know this, but I was raised by good old fashioned San Francisco Hippies. Having said that I have never once in my life tie-dyed an article of clothing. Well a good friend of mine is hosting a fundraiser for her church Saturday morning, it is a tie-dying party. So I can't wait, 36 years into my life I will tie-dye my first article of clothing.

After Saturday I will be incommunicado until the 19th. Hurray for vacation. The boy, myself and my best friend and the boy's uncle Peter are heading to Mexico for a week of Scuba diving, drinking and jungle exploration. Hope we make it back.

p.s. If you happen to check out the link to my friend Sharon's church you will see a picture of her and her bride from their wedding last July at the bottom. It was a great wedding. If I were the church going type I would definitely check out the UU.


  1. Why is it always more on you to pack the better half than it is to pack yourself?

  2. "...a week of Scuba diving, drinking and jungle exploration."

    I think that might be one of the best sentences I've ever seen.

    You lucky dog!

    Have a good'un.

  3. @Rhab.
    I know right? I have to pack myself and the boy tomorrow for a week in mexico. I figure it will take about 30 minutes. for 2 guys 6 days. 3 shorts, 4 shirts a pair of pants and a sweatshirt. done!

    Welcome, and thanks. Always nice to meet a new reader.