Friday, June 26, 2009

Soap Boxin again...

Just a quick note, and comic from Slate. I saw this this morning and couldn't stop laughing. My political views are fairly well known, I a California (San Francisco), Left-wing Nut-job, who loves the gays, hates guns and wants the Mexicans to take over America! (Description from my right-wink nut job friends, not a self description) Anyway, I have often said the ones that scream family values, and morals from the highest mountians are often covering for their own indescretions. Thank you Mark Sanford, for once again re-affirming my beliefs. Do as I say, Not as I do!


  1. Hehe, I didn't know that guy was republican xD

    But you can't blame him, argentinian women are as hot as the sun's core.

    Believe me, I'm from Argentina. And a Left-wing Nut-job too.

    I love your blog, though I'm only leveling my shaman alt, I'd like to see your advices for a leveling shaman (gear, specs, heirlooms, etc).

    I'm planning to respec Resto at 80 xD

  2. You Sir are correct about Argintinian women. A good friend was down there foe 3 months for work and liked one so much he had to bring her home with was a kind of "Can I keep her" moment.

    I will try to get a quick and dirty Skraptastic guide to leveling up this week before the Holiday.

  3. You're right Skraps. ;)

    And thanks for the leveling guide. It's hard to find blogs that talk about leveling or those things most focus on endgame PvE or PvP.

    Keep doing this great job with the blog xD