Monday, June 22, 2009

Skills to Pay the Bills

So since my raiding has been so sporadic lately I have been trying to find stuff to keep me occupied in game. My latest obsession is the achievement "Skills to Pay the Bills". The fishing was easy (lolwut?) and well bandages, super easy. how can you level without skilling first aid? I mean they just hand the mats to you as you level. But the cooking, it is killing me. I am still stuck at like 100 cooking. I don't have the patience to go back and farm all the foods, and I can't seem to find anything on the AH on my server, even though I am willing to back a dump truck full of gold up to the seller and let him have his way with it.

So I think this week I will bite the bullet and farm low level foods. Maybe I will work on the explorer title while I am at it. If I can break away from my new druid alt. Man Wailing Caverns, and Shadowfang Keep are fun! I can't wait for 3 more levels so I can run Scarlet Monnesterey again!


  1. Eh, I agree on the first aid - how can you not get that. They could have levened this up a lot imo.

    I am a full 180 on the cooking vs fishing though. I need one more cooking - Captain Rumsey - need to go back and farm the recipe. Fishing I find sadistically boring tho... I will keep whittling away at it.

  2. I used to feel that way about fisnihg, then somewhere around 275, I had a transcendent experience. Truly it was Zen like. There was a chorus of angles, the skies parted, and a golden glow settled around me. Then the last 175 points just flew by and now I really enjoy fisning, and the dailys, and the fish feast that I can help make after every raid wipe.