Friday, June 26, 2009

Finally Raiding Again!

Finally back into Ulduar again last night and we pretty much steam rolled the place. I mean the first 5 bosses anyway. Considering I have not been in Ulduar except for quick FL and Razorscale kills for easy loot almost since 3.1 dropped it went pretty well. I topped the meters in overhealing and mana regen. Ok nothing to be proud of but the fights for a undergeared resto shammy are not easy. The only major flub was on Kologarn, when I just stood and watched the eye-beams eat me. Ex Ob started a DKP system last night, which the guild is pretty split on. Me...I love it. As someone who the RNG hates I love the fact that showing up and performing well guarentees loot for hard work. I relied on pitty loot through Naxx, as We had full cleared the place and I was still wearing this trinket, and had no t7 or t7.5. I just can't win a roll.

Aside from a few achievements I got a totem I have coveted since 3.1 dropped. Ummmmmm Uber Chain Heals FTW! And I only had to spend half my DKP...which in hind site was probbaly pretty dumb. I was the only Resto Shammy in the run.

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