Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fishing...And a whole slew of Shaman changes inc.

I have been holding off on posting anything this week, because I have been hoping to be able to post some great fishing achievement. It has not happened. Beside missing the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza this week due to the boy's birthday party, the Dalaran fountian is being a total bitch! I have needed 1 silver coin and 4 gold coins for going on 4 weeks now. I have spent hours at that fountian, turning down raid and heroic invites and nothing. It is mocking me!

In other news Shaman changes inc!

Of all the stuff Blizz has posted this week, from the Shaman Q&A, and the Resto changes the thing I am most excited about is the new totem interface. Man I can't wait until I can drop all 4 totems with a single button, on 1 GCD. Right now I use a macro (I guess all shammys do) but it requires 4 presses, and 4 seconds. So on boss fights it is drop 2 totems, I think it is Flametongue and Stoneskin heal heal, Healing totem, and Wrath of Air (I think). Then heal heal heal. How sweet will it be when we can drop all 4 at once, Totemec Call just before they expire for the mana refund then drop them again all in one GCD!

I really don't perceive totems lack of mobility as a problem, I REALLY like the mechanic of stratigic placement, even if sometimes I have to get dangerously close to the bosses hit box to optimal placement for a fight, and hey nothing is as funny than seeing the raid panic when I run in at the boss with the tank. There are screams in vent "WTF are you doing Skraps! Get away!"


  1. I can't fish in real life and not get bored, those of you who can stand at the fountain and pull up those coins are a special breed.

  2. When you say special, do you mean like take the short bus to school special?

  3. I think special more in the way that a cat will stare at a screen saver for hours on end :)