Friday, June 5, 2009

Follow up.

Following up on this post over at Fat Chicks Tank:

Years ago when it was announced that the Alliance would be getting Shaman when BC was released I was angry. I just couldn't see how the Alliance was going to fit into the lore behind the WoW Shaman. I always felt the Shaman was a more "primitive" class. Not primitive as in lets cut that outsiders head off and eat his brains, but primitive as in more down to earth, tribal based society, and the space goats sure as heck did not fit into my tribal motif. Now I also did not think the holier than thou Paladins fit the whole horde idiom either. I liked the situation as it was. Sure Alliance had arguably the best MT healers in the game, we countered that with the best raid healers. The class differential made the factions unique.

Almost what? 3 or 4 years after the introduction of Alliance Shaman, I have come to an entirely diffrent conclusion. The Alliance Shaman, while a more advanced culture technically, have an excellent back story in Shamanism, the co-mingling of "The Light" and the elemental forces of Shamanism work for me. I only got my alliance Shaman to level 30 or so, mostly because I wanted to see the starter/lore quests, and because I already had a 70 Shaman.

I feel a sence of brotherhood with the space goat shaman that I have never had with my alliance counterpart on any other class. When flagged as a warrior, hunter, mage, or rogue I have always been hunted down and mercielessly killed by my Alliance counterparts. Never once outside of a BG or Wintergrasp has an Alliance shaman made an attack of opportunity and killed me just because I happened to be flagged.

That, my friends is brotherhood.

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  1. I remember seeing a blue post about how it doesn't make much lore sense for the factions to still be at war when at the end of warcraft 3, the factions were, and I think this is the actual term used, "buddy buddy."

    I hope it is Dornaa that is the one to do it. The interaction at the caverns of time is interesting, “things she might do or fail to do in the future,” and I believe that Salandria gets the same response.

    I’d hope that Dornaa unites the factions. It could result in a 2 front civil war to do so, but the rewards would be overwhelming, and Salandria will have more to do with the Blood Knights (or her blood elves to be more general) where the addiction to magic starts to fester and boil within her people to where greater actions must be taken. Protecting the girls to serve their purpose in time because they are needed makes sense, I just wish I knew what Blizzard had in store for them.