Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Parenting Skillz...I has them.

Last night I flexed my parenting muscle and uttered the following phrase: "You can do your homework later, lets play WoW" Am I a great parent or what?

I have once again been thrown from raiding life by real life events. So to fill my downtime I have started yet another new alt. With the new LFD I find I generally have enough time to complete a few quests waiting for the que to pop, do the dungeon then logout for the night. I have also managed to convince my son to start and level a new alt with me. We are running a mage/holy pally combo. The real nice thing is in this low level setting he mounts up, gathers 5-10 mobs, consecrates and I frost nova them to death. I find it super efficient for the kill x of y quests.

This weekend Was super busy, we had Cirque du Soliel Ovo Friday night. Had familial obligations Saturday night, and plans to play WoW all day Sunday. Well I got up Sunday, went to the garage to do some laundry and there was a spreading puddle of steaming water on the floor. 5 hours later I had a clean garage and finished installing a new water heater and was too beat to do any WoW.

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