Monday, January 11, 2010

How Lame am I?

So the guild did not down any of the new bosses yet this week in 25's. Although all 3 teams on 10's downed at least Festergut and one downed Festergut and Rotface. We only raid Wednesday, Thursday and sometimes Monday if we have the numbers and there is still content to down. As I do not raid on Mondays (or even play at all usually) I will miss the guild first kills and this makes me sad.

But on to the rest of the weekend. I had A LOT of playtime over the weekend and was able to finagle my warriors way into a Ulduar 10 for the weekly raid quest. Before I start explaining the level of my lameness let me explain that I have never played a DPS warrior. My warrior is my very first ever toon in WoW. Back in the prehistoric age of WoW, you may call it Vanilla WoW. I did not have any thottbot, or WoWHead or any of the great resources we have now. I pretty much soloed to 60. I did eventually join a guild around 40. But it was a small guild, a lot of them were even more noobish than me. Well when i hit level 10. I put my first talent point into the protection tree. I thought you could only use one tree, and I did not know what a respec was. So there I was, prot solo leveling to 60 in classic. It took me something like 22 days /played.

Fast forward 3 + years and we are in Wrath, and my Warrior is now 80. I have purchased dual talents but have rarely used the Arms spec I bought. So when I was invited to the 10 man I thought I would be OT. Well I was DPS. I broke out my blue giant hammer and tried to dps.

After the first trash pulls I looked at recount. I did 667 DPS.

There was much laughter from all my "Friends". I do more DPS when I heal on my shammy. We engaged Ignus, and I pretty much auto attacked, as I couldn't figure out how to get any rage. Every minute when I had enough rage saved I would either mortal strike, execute or bladestorm as I frantically facerolled through the encounter.

So the lesson learned. I am not DPS. But I did have a good time, and the guild had a few decent laughs at my expense. I just wish I had done a screen shot so you could see out top dps pushing 8k and me with 6. I mean 600.

oh but I did get 2 neat achievements, that are soo 3.1.

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