Thursday, January 7, 2010

Healing Plagueworks, and nerfs to Lady Deathwhisper

Last night was Ex Obscurum's first 25 man attempt at the Plagueworks. Our raid got started later than usual and we had a few stupid wipes on Lord Marrowgar. You would think that this group of raiders would already know to not stand in the fire. (Myself included, for some reason I died to that twice last night) There was one shot when I had the particularly bad luck of getting bone spiked, then the coldflame shot out right under me, that hurt!

The rest of the first four bosses were all 1 shots. I never thought that Lady Deathwhisper was particularly difficult, but the nerfs that dropped with maintenance yesterday are ridiculous. The add health is so low, our DPS had time to run and bash her shield for 20 seconds between pops. Her mana shield is also 2 million points smaller. We had her shield down, and engaged before the 3rd wave of adds were down. This made it the new loot pinata.

Healing Plagueworks:

Trash: There is not a lot of trash leading up to the boss and nothing particularly interesting. There is a few mobs that simulate a mini Leotheras the Blind, as they spawn inner demons on a number of the raid. We accidentally pulled two, and had a crap ton of shades running around the raid. We ended up using our DK's army, my fire elemental and a bloodlust to kill this trash. It was one of the most epic fights I have seen. Even though it brought my fairly speedy computer down to 3fps.

When the small trash is clear, you meet Precious and Stinky Rotface, and Festergut's dogs. These dogs are...unpleasant. They are very much mini-Gluths. They spawn zombies, they Decimate and generally wreak all sorts of havoc. If you know Gluth, you will have no problems here. Just make sure that the entire raid has healthstones, and healing potions, as even the best AOE healers will have a hard time keeping everyone up through the decimate. Once the dogs are down you will get to move on to pick your first boss, Festergut, or Rotface.

We choose Festergut. This fight is not an easy fight. The boss has 43.5 million HP a 5 minute enrage timer, and high raid AOE. This is the first ICC gear check. When the encounter starts the entire raid takes 4500 damage every 2 seconds. We ran with 1 tank, 6 heals and 18 DPS. At this point in the guilds gearing we can hit the required DPS, if no one dies. One healer should be able to keep the tank alive and the rest should be on raid, with a druid rolling HoT's on the tank on the side. The rest of the healers are basically frantically trying to keep everyone alive.

You MUST be aware of your surroundings. During the encounter 3 gas spores will spawn on 3 random members of the raid. We think it will always spawn on a melee range player and 2 ranged, but don't quote me on that. When the spores spawn the raid must find the closest spore and sit under it. When the spore pops you will get a shadow damage DoT, if you survive the DoT, you become inoculated and gain 25% shadow damage resistance. This stacks 3 times. If you do not have 3 stacks when Festergut expels Pungent Blight you will die. (although I guess some tanks could live through that.)

I wish I could tell you we 1 shot him, or even 3 shot him, but alas with the late start we did not have him down by the 9:00 end time for raids. So we will go back in tonight and down him as well as his brother Rotface, hopefully with a wipe or two to spare on Professor Putricide and I can revise this guide for a kill instead of how to wipe on Festergut.


  1. With only 1 tank, what are your guild's plans if that tank gets to a 10 stack of the debuff? Each stack increases the tanks' damage by 10% but also increases Fester's damage by the same amount per stack. With his melee swing hitting for ~20k, a ten stack hits ~40k per swing and he swings roughly every second. If i remember correctly its 1 stack every 10 seconds.

  2. We have revised our compisition a bit, with 2.5 tanks. Two full tanks with our DK DPS that can switch to frost and take a hit or two if nessacary waiting for stacks to fall off.

    We did not down him Thursday night either, again due to a late start (Guilds MT didnt='t get off work till 11, so that only gave us an hour.) But all 3 of our 10 man teams got him down, so tonight we all know the mechanic and should get him down.

    The down side is I am pretty strictly a wed/thur raider so I will miss the guild first kill.