Thursday, September 10, 2009

Valkyr Twins, or How I fail at clicking

Last night after helping the boy with homework, soccer practice, taking the dogs for a walk, finalizing plans for this weekends reconstruction of the Koi pond and being forced to sit through the first half of "So You Think You Can Dance" with the wife. I sat down to a little bit of WoW. I hoped to get a few daily's done and make a bit of gold. I still have two more epic fliers to buy you know.

Before I finished loading into Dalaran I see a group invite from the guilds main pally tank. Not to be confused with our main warrior tank, or our main deathknight tank, or our main bear tank. I accept, than ask...uh so what am I in group for?

They summon me into the coliseum, and we are on the Twins fight. I REALLY like this fight. I think it is a unique boss fight. It is a lot of fun, it is not just tank-n-spank. There are a few phases that require everybody to do something other than sitting there and DPS'ing or healing. It is not a terribly difficult fight, just all around kind of fun.

A quick summation for those that have not done this fight. There are the twins. One is light, the other is dark. Light gives fire damage, dark shadow. There are 2 light portals, 2 dark portals. Before the fight starts you need to get either a light or dark debuff. I don't know really who gets what or how to split the group, because I am just a lowly healer and the debuff doesn't really do anything for me.

When the fight starts 1/2 the raid is on light 1/2 on dark. At some point the portals spew forth light and dark balls. If you have the light aura catch the light balls, dark catch the dark balls, this gives you a stacking buff, when it gets to 100 it does something uber. I am not sure what it is, again because I am a healer and they do not do much for me, so I mostly ignore it. If you catch the wrong color ball it hurts.

This fight has a LOT of sustained raid damage. Like I just spend the whole fight spaming chainheal, earth shield, and riptide on every cool down. (BTW, with a glyphed and 2 piece t8.5 it is super awesome that I can have riptide on 4 targets at once)

About a 1:45 into the fight one of the twins will do a special ability. It is hard to miss, even if you are running no boss mod. Blizzard was kind enough to put in a raid warning, that says hey moron, something bad is about to happen.

This is where the I fail at clicking part comes in. If you have the light aura, and the dark twin does his special you die, and vice versa. Remember those portals from the beginning of the fight? If the dark twin is doing his special and you have the light aura, you need to run to a dark portal (hehe dark portal) and click it to change your aura.

We wiped 2 times last night during the fight. I died both times on the first special because every time I tried to click the portal, I targeted a boss. the camera was kind of wonky and killed me every time. Even the 3rd attempt when we brought the twins down, I died to a special because I just couldn't click the portal.

So this week I have learned I need to L2Raid, because I stand in the fire, and I can't click a portal.

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