Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Brewfest, Achievements and ToC 10

Last night I was conflicted. Do I sign on to WoW and get more tokens so I can complete the Brewfest Achievements or do I watch "The Big Bang Theory", a show that I contend is the best show on television.

Well WoW won, I thought I would logon and complete the dailies and then go back and watch TV. Well soon as I popped on I got a message. "Want to heal ToC 10?". Why yes I did, and we burned through the place in about 40 minutes. No loot for me, even though just about every boss dropped mail. It was all hunter/enhancement loot. I got these nice little achievements and got to do a quick raid, and still made it to bed in time to not make Mrs. Skraps angry.


Last year I gave up on "What a long, strange trip it has been" right after Hallows End, when I failed due to RNG and a lack of Sinister Squashling. This year I think I will try again, starting with Brewfest.

I hear you can get about 100 tokens per day. I have gotten 85 on the first day, then about 50 per day since. If I do not get the 550 needed to get the garb, and brew of the month I will give up again.

There has to be a plus side you say? Well Brewfest is now 3 days old, and I have killed Coren Direbrew 15 times, I have seen two Brewfest Kodo's and one Brewfest Ram. I think I have a pretty good shot of getting one by the end of Brewfest, if I can ever beat the RNG. So Far I have rolled a 3, a 2, and an 11 today at lunch.


  1. In our guild we are doing this:

    - get 350 tickets for clothes, do Dalaran achievement
    - refund chest for 200 tickets, buy into club
    - grind more for Hops to turn your mount into a brewfest mount to get that achievement.

    Personally, being nuts about achievements, I'm just needing 250 tickets for the clothes. I'll still sell the chest back and then buy the non combat pet tho.

  2. That never occurred to me. So I guess I will buy the chest and Brew of the month today!

  3. I got it yesterday. I got 350 tokens bought the clothes went to dala did the dance. Went back to IF sold the clothes and bought the brew of the month, pet and fresh hops. Brewmaster!