Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Update.

The boy kicked ass Saturday, they won 6-0. Other coach looked like he would have a coronary from screaming. First goal was 10 seconds in, 25 minutes into the game, our coach told the boys to stop scoring. At half time he said only forwards are allowed to cross the mid-field line, and we still scored 2 more goals. That was two of our boys vs. 11 of theirs and they still scored.

Got the pond done, will get new Koi and plants next weekend to fill it.

Got the trailer loaded for the dump, but havent gone yet. Arms too sore from moving a literal ton of rock around the pond.

Didn't get to the pool repairs, maybe next weekend.

Didn't get into Uldaur, as a matter of fact no WoW till Sunday about 7:00. But did get into the Undying run of Naxx. Someone dropped before the first boss, so we are doing a 9 man undying. Two wings down still no deaths.

Never got to writing Shaman guide post. So I guess I will have to do that this week at work.

But I did get down to the brewing supply store, and bought enough Whites Labs California Ale yeast to brew 15 gallons. Also got a new recipie for a Honey Stout. Will make that one this week so it is ready in time for Thanksgiving/Christmas. Nothing better than a nice stout for those cold California winters, you know the 65 degree days that are so miserable.

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