Friday, September 11, 2009

To do list this weekend.

In no particular order, except the wife will make sure anything WoW related is on the bottom of the list.

1.) The Boy's first soccer match of the season. Against the team who we refer to the coach as "The Yelling Coach". As in at a game last year heard yelling at his son "What the hell are you doing! Get your head out of your ass! Do that shit again and you are benched!" Yeah he is our favorite coach to play against.

2.) Complete reconstruction of the koi pond. Hopefully by Sunday we will have water in it, and maybe even a picture to show of my garden. It used to be beautiful, but I have been angry at the garden since a Blue Heron landed in my pond and ate $2000 worth of fish.

3.) Make a dump run. Finally get rid of all the crap in the alley leading to my back yard, rebuild the fire wood storage box and clean the garage.

4.) Find and fix the pipe leading to the pool filter that is draining all the water from my pool.

5.) Finish writing and post the leveling guide 40-60.

6.) Get in and down Yoggi with the guild tonight and/or tomorrow night.

7.) Relax.

Guess what 3 items on that list they wife will go out of her way to keep me from doing this weekend?

1 comment:

  1. If it were me and I was being hopeful - 3,4,2... but more realistically I suspect somehow 5&6. Since when has 7 ever been on the list for a weekend!