Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In which I Fail Epically.

Way back in the day (like Classic back in the day) I played an Undead Warrior. I leveled to 60 fairly quickly 15 days /played. I tanked A LOT of classic raids. I really enjoyed tanking. Along comes BC, I get a new job, get home from work two hours later than I used to, and I am not an hour and a half late for every raid night. As you might guess, this doesn't work for me, for the guild, for anybody.

After many days of contemplation, and discussion with the guild leadership I left the guild (Hallowed Arcana, I still have an Alt parked there so I hang out sometimes) and joined Ex Obscurum. They are a great guild, and they raid much later than HA did. Win-Win. Except they did not need a tank, they had tanks coming out of the wood work. They needed DPS, I had a DPS. It worked for both of us. I ran DPS with ExOb through BC up to and including Illidan, pre nerf. It was good. I got bored with hunter DPS, and completed leveling my Shaman to heal. I healed a lot of Kara alt runs, and some ZA main runs, but never any real raids until Wrath came out.

Any way long story short (I know too late, but you needed the back story). I have a special talent for wiping raids. I mean epically! Like sending my pet into Mags, attacking his captors, starting the encounter with only 1/2 the raid in the room.

Following this trend of Epic Failure, I have my little 73 warrior parked in Dalaran, He has the Heirloom 2h Axe and Shoulders that he shares with my DK. I had a little time after doing daily's last night and bed, so I thought I would run a quick AV or two with my warrior as you get a crap ton of XP even with a loss now.

Well 8 minutes into AV, I am charging other players, Thunder Clapping Auto-swinging, and shouting, but for some reason I am unable to use any of my abilities. I think WTF! I can charge, I have rage, I can auto attack, but no heroic strike, no execute, no bleed effects.

This is when I realize I have no weapon equipped, no shoulder armor on nada. I also have no backup weapon in my bag. Nothing, zip, zilch. I spend the rest of the AV running around trying to help, but not. Warriors with a bow, goblin rocket launcher, and fear on 5 minute cooldown not terribly helpful.

This is how I Epic Fail! Can you top that? I don't think so!


  1. No No my shaman friend!! I am the one who fails.


  2. I am going to have to say I win the Fail-off, until I see some examples of your fail.

  3. Well my blog is called the Evasion-Fail blog.. and it was meant to be a blog of how terrible a Rogue I truly am... But I'm still leveling.. Things will get better when I start raiding.

    But very cool blog tho...