Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just a little bit of QQ.

I am going to sit here and QQ a little bit. Looking over the patch notes for 3.3 I feel it is necessary to whine here. THE signature ability of the shaman is Reincarnation. The problem is it is on a SIXTY MINUTE cool down! With two points into improved reincarnation you can drop that down to 40 minutes. Ridiculous.

With the new patch notes today I read with much excitement the following line:

Reincarnation: The cooldown on this spell has been lowered from 60 minutes down to...EXCITEMENT BUILDING...50 minutes. WTF? Even with the 2 points in it it is still 30 minutes. Two talent points is incredibly expensive for an ability that is wipe prevention at best, wipe recovery at worst.

The same patch notes drops the warlock soulstone down to 15 minutes. So a Warlock soloing can cast a self resurrect on themselves and "pop" just like a shaman every 15 minutes. This same soulstone has way more utility in raid than Reincarnation. The druid's battle resurrection in on a 20 minute cool down, an ability I argue has more utility than Reincarnation.

Why is it that shaman get the short shrift on their prime ability? I would like to see Reincarnation dropped to 40 minute cooldown, that might make 2 points more palatable for the improved version dropping it to 20 minutes. Or maybe 30 minutes base, and 20 minutes improved with more health and mana after popping.

What do you think? Should us shaman band together and start a massive QQ campaign on the official forums?

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