Thursday, October 29, 2009

How did I get here? This isn't my beautiful wife?

In other news I have found renewed joy in leveling my very first toon. When I first started playing WoW in November 2005 I looked over the character selection screen. I selected Warrior, because that was one of my favorite classes in PnP D&D. I soon reached level 10. Got my first talent point and put it in the protection tree. All points earned from that day forward were put in the protection tree.

You see I didn't know you could respec, nor did I know you could put points in more than one tree. So I leveled in Classic from 10-60 as Prot. It was slow. I think it took me something like 22 days /played. But it was fun. I got to 60 in the closing weeks of Classic. I think I was 60 for about 3 months before BC was released. I got to tank my share of Classic End-Game raids. It was fun. When BC came out I briefly switched to furry to get from level 60-65, when I switched back to Prot. I tanked a lot of level 80 Heroics, but my then guild had some pretty ridiculous gear requirements just to step into Kara. They basically wanted a tank geared to tank Prince, just to step into Kara. So I farmed, I farmed, I farmed heroics. It was slow going. Then one day I was invited to a PuG, but they wanted me to DPS as they already had a Pally tank. I walked into Shatered Halls, fearing our lack of CC and watched the Pally walk into a 6 pack, and tank every damned one of them. I was disgusted with the state of warrior tanking, and hung up my breastplate, never to tank again.

That is until just last week. My son who is still hanging around level 73 asked me to hop on my warrior and tank UK. I begrudgingly obliged, and warned the group it had been a LONG time since I had tanked and to cut me some slack. I had put a little time into this character and got him to level 73, so I had atleast played around with the new talents and abilities.

Tanking was FUN again! I could run into a pack, Thunder Clap, Shockwave, and improved/glyphed Revenge, with glyphed Sunder and multi-mob tank. It was Awesome. Now a little more than a week later and I am at 78, I am a veteran of the Wrathgate (btw the most epic quest chain in all of WoW) and I am pressing hard to get to 80.

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