Thursday, October 15, 2009

I guess I should L2P and STFU.

So my wife whom I love very much hates WoW with the fiery passion of one passion of 1000 burning suns. She just doesn't understand why I enjoy it so much. She also has a fair bit of OCD, so is afraid to try it for fear of getting sucked in and never seeing the sun again. She goes out of her way to avoid WoW, "Leet Speak" and most anything related to gaming culture. I was explaining to my son the other day how angry I am about the Reincarnation Cool Down, while my wife was on the couch watching *shudder* "So You Think You Can Dance". She paused the Tivo, looked at me as says "QQ MOAR Nub" unpaused the Tivo and went back to her show as if nothing had happened.

I was briefly in Bizzaro World there.

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