Sunday, February 7, 2010

Productive Weekend

Last night was my son's Boy Scout Troops annual cab feed. The crab feed is our major fund raiser for the year, and procedes are used to pay for summer camp. The crab feed pays for more than half the cost for each scout to attend camp. It also pays for the less privileged scouts outright. We have 100% attendance for our troop at camp. It is awesome. Last night I was in charge of the raffle ticket sales and live desert auction. I took in just over $2000. It looks like a good year for the scouts bank account, economy be damned! I want to thank all the folks that made last night such a success. We took in just under $10,000 for the whole night, but our expenses were just under 1/2 of that.

On to WoW!

Managed to complete my "Fool for Love" meta in just a few hours today. All I needed was the nations of adoration, 3 race/class combos to pelt with flowers and a few /pity's on love fools. I also managed a bevy of achievements today, including FINALLY finishing the Lil' Game Hunter achievement, I now have my fawn.

Tomorrow, I will post hos to gather up to 60 Lovely Charm Bracelets and hour, so you too can complete your meta, and buy all the holiday goods you want.

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  1. Is it... Riding the Wavelength: The Bombardment as has been suggested in our guild, or (hopefully) some other cunning way. I'm doing these on my alt Druid this time around so I am all over any tips I can find :)