Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Welcome to Patch 4.01

This is what my Resto spec will look like tonight when the servers come back up. Natural Order will we going into Ulduar tonight to try out the new specs, and attempt a drake run. There is really no point in trying any progression raiding for a few days, between server stability and people trying to work out new specs.

I'll give you a run down on this spec, and why I selected the talents I selected.

Remember at level 80 we get fewer talent points, and I tried to pick talents I thought would benefit the raiding shaman the most.

I took all the talents in the first tier, not because I think they are all that important, but mostly because I need to spend the points to get higher in the tree, and I skipped Soothing Rains because we only get 1/2 the bang for its buck until lever 83, the 85 build will be quite different. I also skipped any talent that looked vaguely pvp oriented. So for tier 2 that left only Improved Water Shield and Totemic Focus and I figured anything that helps with Mana will pretty much be a must.

I am kind of conflicted about Nature's Blessing but I took it anyway. Outside of 5 mans I am not sure of how much tank healing I am going to be doing, but as I understand it with our new tool kit, we are better suited to tank healing than ever before.

I still skipped Telluric Currents for progression raiding, but if I decide to run more 5 mans to pick up my last 2 pieces of T10 that could be quite awesome since I am throwing Lightning bolts as often as heals in 5 mans. From here out the rest of the resto talents are a no-brainer. There is some decision on taking points in Elemental or Enhancement. If you drop 3 points into Elemental you get a 3% crit increase in all spells, but I choose to dump my last 5 points into Enhancement, mostly because I am afraid of being mana short, and a 40% spell power buff to Earthliving Weapon is nothing to blink at.

If I make it into the raid tonight I will let you know how it goes. Tuesdays are always iffy for raiding as it is Boy Scout night with the boy, and you know family first and all that jazz. Just a little side note, he completed his First Class Scout requirements last week, and is 3/4 done with Star Scout. He is working his way towards Eagle quite nicely, I'm pretty proud.

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