Thursday, October 21, 2010

First look at blizzcon loot!

Finally in Anaheim checked in and registered. I finally have a 1/2 dozen beers in me and I have time to look at the goodie bag. The first thing you see in the bag is a large box of something. It is a "Deathling". Which is a stoneware mini featuring statue. It will look awesome on my desk! There is a poster for the wow magazine, some swag flyers directing you to booths and a Starcraft 2 trial as well as the 2010 limited authenticator. I spend almost 7 hours driving today. It is 11:30 and I have a Lon day tomorrow. The janky hotel has no wifi in my room so I'll post from my iPhone when I can. Hopefully some pics will come too. I'll try to get good pics from my slr up tomorrow night too. See you all tomorrow. BLIZZCON!

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