Friday, July 23, 2010

ICC, Paladin Alts

Picture is unrelated, I just got a chuckle out of it
Last night I was happily leveling my new alt obsession, Pallyadin the female Belf Paladin. It is all good fun, and I have been tanking my way to 80 using the dungeon finder and questing for gear.

There was a message in guild chat that said, if we do not have 1 dps for ICC we will have to sit 9 people for the night. Despite the fact that I was about to BBQ some awesome 3 cheese Angus burgers for the boy and I decided to raid, and make the boy cook me dinner. They needed DPS so I took the mage in instead of Skraps the shaman. It was a blast, and let me tell you with that 30% buff the DPS was averaging about 6k, with the top DPS hitting 10k. We wrecked the place, despite the fact that I still fail at moving out of the fire on Lord Marrowgar. (I mean really? WTF man, how do I always die in the fire on him? It isn't like it is hard to miss GIANT blue trails of fire)

Hopefully sometime this weekend, we will get past the plagueworks and head to the blood wing, an area I haven't seen yet.

On to my noobtastic self. As I mentioned, I have been leveling a Paladin alt. She is now level 78, just one and a half short levels to the level cap, this will be my 5th 80. I really need to get this altaholism under control, I have now spent 25k gold on epic fliers. It is too much!

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